Car Scratch Repair

Is There a Nasty Scratch on Your Car and You need it to Disappear?

Gold Coast Bumper Repairs uses the latest technology computer colour matching, and top quality paint. Believe us when we say that after the paint repair, your car will look as good as new!
Gold Coast Bumper Repairs has been operating mobile paint and bumper repair vans on the Gold Coast since 2002. We pride ourselves on our affordable pricing and expert service, so if your vehicle is in need of a professional and quick repair why not call us today for a free onsite quote!
We will arrange a convenient time to repair your cars scratches, scuffs, or stone chips, bumper damage, alloy wheels, side mirror or headlights at a place that suits you. A mobile vehicle paint and bumper repair service, Gold Coast Bumper Repairs conveniently works on-the-spot at our customers homes or offices. Adding to the convenience, the repairs will normally only take two or three hours.

Why Bother Your Insurer?

Our minor paint and panel repairs are usually cheaper than your insurance excess, so call us first! We are happy to come to you and repair your paintwork while you work, or play! The job will be finished and as good as new before your partner is asking who did it!

Car Scratch Repair Service

Repair those unsightly stone chips and scratches fast with Gold Coast Bumper Repairs. Almost every vehicle is going to pick up those stone chips and scratches that create unsightly and annoying blemishes. Gold Coast Bumper Repairs can come to a site that suits you, at a convenient time for you and eliminate those unsightly blemishes. We have the latest technology on our mobile vans and our technicians are able to computer match your vehicle’s paint colour exactly and expertly repair your vehicle back to the original surface level of the original paintwork. Many of these scratches are caused by accidental damage from handbags, keys, trolleys, children and people sitting on your vehicle. If you can’t be standing guard over your vehicle 24 hours a day don’t panic! Gold Coast Bumper Repairs can guarantee that these blemishes will be greatly minimised, and your vehicle will retain its ‘Good As New’ status. We can colour match over 55,000 different automobile colours on-site providing you with an accurate and cost effective alternative to a respray. Call Gold Coast Bumper Repairs today and ask about our Car Scratch Repair service. We can arrange an onsite no-obligation FREE quote.